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Polly Soft

Innovative flooring for playgrounds, water parks, POOL decks and splash pads, public pathways and landscaping projects.

Poly Soft
Poly Soft


The surface temperature of PolySoft can be up to 68°F/20°C cooler than traditional finishes such as concrete, asphalt and rubber.

  • PolySoft provides an excellent independently verified anti slip rating for both wet and dry applications.
  • PolySoft is easily repaired if vandalised with little or no visible seam.
  • A specially developed two part aliphatic polyurethane binder is used in all PolySoft installations. This coupled with colorfast technology, protects against premature fading and provides excellent resistance to UV radiation and to chemicals such as chlorine.
  • PolySoft is hygienic and easy to maintain.
  • PolySoft is customisable; allowing the integration of patterns and logos into the surface design
  • PolySoft can be pre-blended to streamline and reduce costly installation times.
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