Sherwood Valley Pools


45 year anniversay

Servicing the community since 1978




Water Testing available FREE with purchase

Thank you for supporting us as your swimming pool small business.

About Sherwood Valley Pools

Sherwood Valley Pools

We are your typical Mom & Pop small business!

Henry handles the service calls whether it’s opening or closing pools, pool equipment repairs, liner replacements or Radiant pool installs.

When you visit the store, Mel & JoJo are the faces you will see (unless Henry is there to cover so they can have a day off!). Mel will gladly help you with any of your pool chemistry needs, help you find the right parts, and of course JoJo will gladly help test your water!

Henry has 28+ years of experience in the pool industry from starting out as a high school & college job to working in sales to making that dream of being a small business owner dream come true!

We can always be open by appointment, if needed.